International Journal of Current Innovation Research

The “International Journal of Current Innovation Research” (IJCIR) ISSN: 2395 – 5775 is seeks reviews and original contributions from all areas of Life Sciences,Physical Sciences,Health Science,Social Science and Humanities,Agriculture Science And Engineering and Technology.

Multidisciplinary Journal covers all Subjects:

Life Sciences •Biological Sciences, •Biochemistry, •Genetics, •Environmental Science, •Immunology and Microbiology, •Cellular Microbiology, •Environmental Microbiology, •Medical Microbiology, •Industrial Microbiology, •Soil and Agricultural, •Microbial Genetics, •Microbial Ecology, •Vermitechnology, •Medicinal Plants, •Biotechnology, •Pharmacology Science, •Botany, •Cellbiology, •Conservation biology, •Developmental biology, •Ecology, •Evolutionary biology, •Evolutionary genetics, •Food science, •Genetics, •Genomics, •Immunology, •Marine biology, •Molecular biology, •Parasitology, •Pathology, •Pharmacogenomics, •Pharmacology, •Physiology, •Population dynamics, •Proteomics, •Structural biology, •Systems biology, •Zoology.

Physical Sciences •Chemical Engineering, •Chemistry, •Computer Science, •Earth and Planetary Science, •Energy, •Mathematics, •Physics and Astronomy, Engineering, •Material Science, •Statistics, •Comparison of chemistry and physics, •Natural and physical sciences, •Earth science, •Biophysics, •Mathematics and Computer Science Research,  •Pure and Applied Chemistry,  •Geology and Mining Research, •Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology,  •Internet and Information Systems, •Oceanography and Marine Science,•Petroleum Technology and Alternative Fuels

Health Science •Medicine and Dentistry, •Nursing and Health Professions, •Pharmacology and Toxicology,   •Pharmaceutical Science •Veterinary Science •Veterinary Medicine, •Nutrition and Metabolism,  •Cancer Research and Experimental Oncology,  •Clinical Pathology and Forensic, Medicine,  •Diabetes and Endocrinology,   •Infectious Diseases and Immunity,  •Medical Laboratory and Diagnosis,  •Neuroscience and Behavioral Health,  •Public Health and Epidemiology, •Medical Case Studies, •Medical Practice and Reviews

Social Science and Humanities •Arts and Humanities, •Business Management, •Management Accounting, •Decision, •Economics, •Econometrics, •Finance, Anthropology, •Communication studies,   •Human geography, •History, •Political science, •Public administration,   •Psychology,    •Sociology,   •, •Geography and Regional Planning, •Hospitality Management and Tourism, •Sociology and Anthropology, •Public Administration and Policy Research, •Social Psychology, •Social Sciences by publishing original research work, short communications and review articles.

Agriculture Science •Agricultural Economics, •Agricultural Engineering, •Agricultural Extension •Agronomy Animal Science, •Water Resource Management, •Agricultural Biotechnology, •Agricultural Microbiology, •Agricultural Botany, •Soil Science, •Plant Breeding, •Plant and Agricultural Technology, •Entomology,  •Environmental Science, •Crop Science, •Horticulture, •Plant Pathology, •Plant Breeding, •Forestry and all agricultural science. 

Engineering and Technology •Computer Science and Engineering, •Electrical Engineering, •Civil Engineering, •Infrastructure Engineering, •Electronics & Communication Engineering, •Industrial Engineering, •Mechanical Engineering, •Manufacturing Engineering, •Graphics and Multimedia, •Software Engineering, •Biological Engineering, •Chemical Engineering, •Agricultural engineering, •Remote sensing and information system.

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