Working women: life in double shift

Neetu Singh, Mehak Jonjua

There was a time when Indian woman was considered just a caregiver in the society. Now named as AADHI ABADI, woman is contributing in every walk of life, be it business, education, service sector or disseminating the news all over the world. Overall they are now a very crucial part of the economy of the country. They have crossed many deep water rivers to come up to this stage. Their fight was not about the increasing amount of responsibilities, but with the social taboos, mindset of the people which unfortunately exist in upper high class business niche as well which reflects in working and hiring processes of companies. Time and again they have proved that with hard work and dedication, woman has much more efficiency to take up responsibilities and capability to fulfill all their duties. But this journey of finding a new identity carried various challenges for themselves. To mark their presence in a patriarchal society and to find a new identity besides a homemaker, woman had to extend not only their physical limitations but mental immunity and strength as well. Going out of the home was a challenging step as this process included many approvals of the family and society. Handling office work culture with basic motherly concerns back in the mind always put a working mother on toes. Running on the needles of the clock in such a hectic life schedule, working women are juggling their duties from one place to another.
Important aspect of their struggle is that even after a long period of struggle, working women have not been treated equally as their male colleagues. The perception about women being a motherly, always concerned towards family and emotional is proved to be negative and biased for them many times. This approach is engrossed in our system that while allocations of several perks and facilities to the employees; women are left behind even after equal output and hard work. This thinking needs to be changed.

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