A study of parental school involvement, home involvement & involvement through parents teachers association on academic achievement of primary school students

Jai Parkash and Sushma Rani

Parents play a significant role for higher need, achievement of their children. The entire treatment may have many individual traits. But their contents and directions are the same to give involvement to the child. It may be in the form of approvals or it may be in the form of asking the child to modify his/her behavior. In case, it creates avoidance behavior in the child that discouragement. Parental involvement is of great significance in developing psychological as well as academic behavior of the child. Present day society is based on competition in which everyone has the tendency to perform as perfectly as possible. So here involvement and support of parents make him her more confident and optimistic. A significant relationship exists between academic achievement of students and parental involvement of parents in Private as well as Government Schools. But the relationship of parental involvement and academic achievement of Private area is much better than Government Schools. The parental involvement of Private is better than Government Schools and similarly academic achievement of Private area is better than Government Schools. Private parents provide high parental involvement to their children because they provide better facilities for their children’s education and further development and also pay more attention towards the study of their children. It is due to the advancement of education in Private areas that the students achieve high in exams. Teachers and Schools play an important role in their academic achievement. On the other hand Government Schools parents provide low parental involvement because of lack of resources, interests, knowledge and their orthodoxies attitudes and its result is that their children slow lower academic achievement of students. Private Schools upbringing of children also has significant effect on academic achievement of children.

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