Study of ground water quality in barwani district with special reference to physico-chemical parameters

Asha Chouhan, Abida Qureshi, Shrivastava C.S and Asha Pal

The Contamination of ground water due to heavy metal is one of the most important concerns that have received attention at regional, local and global levels because of their toxicological importance in ecosystems and impact on public health. The present study was designed to assess the quality of ground water in relation to pollution and its implication on human health. The ground water quality of Barwani District in Pansemal Tehsil was evaluated using water Samples Collected from 24 Samples (Hand Pump &Bore Well) locating during  June to May 2014-2015.Sixteen (16) Physico –chemical Parameters  including–Temperature , Appearance, Color, Odor, pH, D.O, B.O.D, C,O,D, Total Solid, Chloride, Phosphate, Nitrate, Potassium, Sodium, Total hardness, Fluoride were recorded.

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