Study on the comparative morphology and behavior of dalmatian and german shepherd pet dogs located in putalisadak and baluatar locality of kathmandu

Janaki Pokhrel

Men and animals are intimately bonded with one another. Keeping dogs as pet in home has been useful for different purposes like for companionship, protection, play-mate for children, as therapy aids for many psychosomatic diseases, for getting police and military services etc. In Nepal, research works on dogs have been done by the different researchers but most of them have been focused on stray dogs, dog bites, dog diseases etc. Some of the research on dogs have been done from the microbiological point of view.  Research work based on comparative morphology and behavior on different breeds have yet to be done. The present study is aimed to make the comparative study  of morphology and behavior of the Dalmatian and the German shepherd dogs as these are the breeds which are kept as pet in most of the houses in Nepal.  Study on the comparative  morphology and behavior on  these two types of dogs may help a lot to the people not only for the  pet selection, but also to create awareness to the  dog conservation and management.  The study also adds a milestone in understanding the sentiments of dogs along with other pet animals so as to deepen the men animal bond and take the mutual benefit as much as possible in this stressful world.

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