Stability study of gamavuton (gvt-0) self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (snedds) with myritol as the oil phase

Chabib, L., Muhtadi, WK., Ikawati, Z., Martien, R and Ismail, H

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease with arthritic inflammation in adult patients. Gamavuton-0 (GVT-0) is an analog compound of curcumin that has the activity in the treatment of RA with low solubility in water, which affects the absorption into the systemic circulation.Absorption of GVT-0can be improved by makinginto the SNEDDS (Self-Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System) dosage form. Stability is one of the factors that affects the quality, safety, and efficacy of the SNEDDS dosage form. This study aims to determine the stability of GVT-0 SNEDDS that have been made by the previous researcher. GVT-0 SNEDDS was made using Myritol as the oil phase, Cremophor EL and Tween 20 as the surfactants, and propylene glycol as the cosurfactant. The stability study was conducted with centrifugation test, heating-cooling cycle test, freeze-thaw cycle test, endurance test, and accelerated storage test. No phase separation was showed by the result of the centrifugation test, heating-cooling cycle test, and freeze-thaw cycle test. The result of endurance test and accelerated storage test was quite well with the particle size was ≤ 200nm, the value of PDI was between 0,20-0,70, and the % transmittance was close to 100%. It can be concluded that the GVT-0 SNEDDS has good stability profile.

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