Role of training the hospital staff in preparing to combat an epidemic: an observational pilot study of dengue epidemic in a tertiary care hospital of delhi

Shakeel Ahamad Khan, Shabnam, Muhammad Uwais Ashrafand Juwairia Ashraf

Dengue is an acute viral disease of serious public health concern globally. Dengue fever is prevalent throughout India in most of the metropolitan cities and towns [7]. In one of the worst reported outbreaks of dengue in Delhi in 1996, more than 10,000 cases and 400 deaths were documented. During the current outbreak  in Delhi, we observed that hospitals were facing problems on management issues, be it patients, nursing staff or doctors. Situation was same in almost every govt. hospital so we decided to conduct a project to study the difficulties faced by patients and hospital staff. As most govt. hospitals lack trained personnel in hospital management we took this as an opportunity to demonstrate the role of a dedicated management person in hospital administration, who can play an important role during such out-breaks and be an important source of social welfare and medical outsourcing. We drew the inference that the role of a person from management background is pivotal in the proper disposal of health care. During study it was observed that every centre has its own sets of problems keeping in view the resources available and the public they cater so these efforts should be individualised for each centre. At the end of this observational study, we have made certain recommendations which may help build a better atmosphere among medical and nursing staff in the hospitals and which will go a long way in decreasing the chaos that often originates in hospitals during times of crisis like dengue epidemics.

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