Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of dendrophthoe falcata (l.f.) ettingsh growing on chloroxylon swietenia dc

Maheshwari A. A and Rothe S.P

Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f.) Ettingsh is an angiospermic hemi-parasite which grows on a number of host species. Also, it has medicinal importance and used in traditional medicine practices by the tribals of the Melghat Region. Present paper deals with the Qualitative and Quantitative study of Dendrophthoe falcata (L.f) Ettingsh, plant parts growing on the host plant Chloroxylon swietenia DC. belonging to Family: Meliaceae which is a common host in this region. Preliminary study revealed the presence of Carbohydrates, Anthraquinone glycosides, Cardiac glycosides, Coumarins, Quinones, Steroids, Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Phenolics, Tannins, Saponins and Terpenoids while quantitative study showed ample presence of Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Phenolics and Saponins in the plant.

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