Predatory capacity of hippodamia convergens of aphid complex in early phenological stages of alfalfa crop

Sebastián Yánez., Carmen Maigua., Cristian Montalva., Herman Hernandez and Valdano Tafur

Herbivorous insects in pastures of alfalfa(MedicagosativaL.), influence growth and crop plant health. Noone really knows phytophagous interaction with the predatorand the host.AphiscraccivoraKoch, Aphis fabaeScop. and Aphis gossypiiGlover. are conducting phytophagyinalfalfa. The phonological stages were studied, Mv: mean vegetative and Lv: Vegetative late. Different ranges of significance in the study of the cumulative number of total budsper plant regardless of the phenological stage. The average range was 3.26+0.28to19.4 + 0.21. The height of the plant has linear trend. In Mv was: y = 0.1936x+10.58 and Lv: y = 0.2784x+12.888. The best rates of effective predation occur red at eight hours of evaluation, regardless of the phenological stagefor treatments four and five adult predators. The dry matter recorded, different ranges of statistical significance of: 11.56 +1.54 to 23.48 +0.92. This predatory coccinellidae has high capacity of the complex of phytophagous alfalfaaphids in different phenological stages and evaluated under the climatic conditions of CADET.

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