Poverty and youth development in nigeria: the framework of expectations is shaky

Uzoh, Bonaventure Chigozie

Poverty occasioned by high rates of unemployment, monumental corruption, uneven distribution of national resources resulting in inequalities in wealth and power, limited access to education etc, has taken its toll on youth development in Nigeria. As a result the country cannot beat its chest and say it has developed youths capable of driving national development. The situation of Nigerian youths at the moment explains the high levels of insecurity, crime, and varying forms of violence across the country. The paper examines how the high level of poverty in the land undermines adequate youth development to the extent that today the framework of expectation could be said to be shaky. The paper suggests that unless governments in Nigeria retrace their steps and begin to give youth development the pride of place it deserves in the country’s development agenda, the future of the nation may be hanging on the balance. They can do this by paying more attention to youth development through massive job creation, skills acquisition programmes, provision of short term loans to finance Small and Medium Scale enterprises and adequate funding of the education sector.

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