Postoperative neurological complications following cardiac surgery

Dipannita Adhikary., Redoy Ranjan., Sabita Mandal and Asit Baran Adhikary

Postoperative psychosis is a leading complication following open heart surgery. We review the incidenceand risk factors of psychosis in patients experiencing heart surgery in a single surgeons practice. We prospectively reviewed 572 patients between March 2015 to March 2017. Majority of patients experiencing heart surgery were male (73.02%)and mean age of was 60.05 years. The incidence of comorbidity like HTN (94.44%), stroke (12.96%), atrial fibrillation (33.33%), and vision impairment (75.92%) was significantly higher in psychosis group. However, number of graft and endarterectomized vessels were higher in psychosis group. Most of the patients, in psychosis group have poor ASA score (81.48%) and LV dysfunction, also long duration of ICU stays (40.5±5.5). The frequency of psychosis following heart surgery is considerable, with almost 9% incidence rate. Special consideration ought to be paid during preoperative patient’s selection and postoperative care following cardiac surgery.

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