Physico-chemical analysis of sajvay pond in freshwater area of barwani district, mp, india

Anjali Bhayal, Kanhere R.R and Hemant Pandit

Water, the elixir of life, is source of energy that governs the evolution and functioning of this vast universe. Water is important component of all living being. It also performs unique and indispensible activities in earth ecosystems, biosphere and biogeochemical cycles. Pond are small dug-out bodies of water, rain fed and characterized by shallow, standing, quiet water with plenty of vegetation. The monthly variations in the physico-chemical parameter of Sajvay pond in Barwani district, Madhya Pradesh was studied from July 2010 to June 2011. The parameters that were determined included temperature, transparency, pH, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen (DO), chloride, phosphate, sulphate and nitrate.
In present investigation air temperature (21°C to 42°C), water temperature (18°C to 37°C), transparency (10 cm to 35 cm), pH (6.4 to 8.6), alkalinity (100mg/lit to 171 mg/lit), DO (7.9 mg/lit to 10.8 mg/lit), chloride (10.2 mg/lit to 14 mg/lit), phosphate (0.5 mg/lit to 1.85 mg/lit), sulphate (34 mg/lit to 70 mg/lit) and nitrate (0.6 mg/lit to 10.2mg/lit). The atmospheric temperature was found to be higher than the water temperature and as expected, the maximum water temperature was recorded during the summer seasons and minimum during winter seasons. Maximum transparency was recorded during summer seasons and minimum during raining seasons, while maximum pH, Chloride, Phosphate and Sulphate in summer seasons, while Do showed maximum level in winter seasons. Alkalinity and nitrate showed maximum during the raining seasons and minimum during the summer and winter seasons. The result indicated that physico-chemical parameters of the water were within the permissible limits and can be used for household works, domestic, irrigation and pisiculture. Statistical analysis carried out through correlation method.

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