Optimization of moxifloxacin in-situ ocular gel by 3² factorial design

Ashir TP, Ganesh N.S and Vineeth Chandy

Moxifloxacin HCl is a fourth generation fluoroquinolone antibiotic groups. The present study was aimed to formulate and evaluate Moxifloxacin in-situ gel by 3² factorial designs for effective ocular delivery and to improve patient compliance. This formulation is based on the concept of temperature triggered in-situ gelation using different ratio of Pluronic F127 as gelling agent and Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose as viscosity enhancer. A 3² factorial design was used to design and develop ocular in-situ gel formulation. Here two factors were evaluated in each three levels. In the present study concentration of Pluronic F127 and HPMC were selected as independent variables. The percentage drug release at 8th hour, gelling capacity and viscosity were chosen as dependent variables. The prepared in-situ ocular gels were tested for their physicochemical characteristics such as, FT-IR studies, physical appearance, Drug content determination, Clarity, pH, Gelling capacity, Gelling temperature, Viscosity, Isotonicity testing, antimicrobial study, Stability study and in-vitro diffusion studies. Formulation F2 (Pluronic F127 (30mg) HPMC (15mg)) showed a better drug release of 96.65% at the end of 8th hour.

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