Micro and small entrepreneurship case study on sports wears design, stitching, school uniform, track suites, and others initiated by professional graduates from south india

Harikrishna Neelur

Entrepreneur is an Economic Agent who plays a vital role in the economic development of a country. Economic development of a country refers steady growth in the income levels. This growth mainly depends on its entrepreneurs. An Entrepreneur is an individual with knowledge, skills, initiative, drive and spirit of innovation who aims at achieving goals. An entrepreneur identifies opportunities and seizes opportunities for economic benefits.
Entrepreneurship is a dynamic activity which helps the entrepreneur to bring changes in the process of production, innovation in production, new usage of materials, creator of market etc. It is a mental attitude to foresee risk and uncertainty with a view to achieve certain strong motive. It also means doing something in a new and effective manner.
The future first textile India started with small encouragement through OLX, Sri Satyanarayana garu respond through OLX and gave money to the young graduates. This inspiration graduates could take opportunity to develop the FFTI. They started production with the 1.2 lakh rupees, now their production 80 lakhs per annum. They established four branches in Souther India an inspire to other people. These graduates provide employment to the rural women and gave training to them.

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