Launching pathway for continuing professional development (cpd) for college professors

Mayur R Agravat

In the 21st century, the demand of the education,course curriculum, as well as learners have been changed at a paramount level. There is a need of inculcation of professional skills and abilities among students rather than focusing on summative score/evaluation. It is here the role of a teacher is tested and expected to excel the common boundary of just a bound student/teacher. It has, thus, become necessary for the teachers to be continuously developed by learning new courses, being skillful, researchive, updating one's knowledge, changing teaching/learning strategy, goal-oriented, associated with different associations, contributing new to their existing knowledge and taking initiative for the new learning that will bring change into their overall personality, apart from just completing the course curriculum. With the rapid advancement in technology and in the entire competitive field, it has even become more necessary to boost the morale of the students with more pedagogic training, innovative presentations, seminars, workshops, using authentic materials, making more interactive classrooms etc. Teacher should here determine not only the development of the students but their own selves. The current paper has been designed as a part of survey done on continuing professional development (CPD) of college professors of English in Gujarat. After surveying their professional level a CPD module had been designed and the same was tested on the specific teachers. The current research paper will just focus on the CPD module prepared for teachers along with its features.

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