Iot: results of an experimental survey with nodemcu, nextion, ds1307 and nrf24l01+

Bento A.C

The Internet of Things is a new technology, where is possible to connect different kind of devices, this study presents the results obtained in an experimental survey, when using the device radio NRF24L01+, NodeMCU 12e, Tft Nextion and the RTC DS1307, was developed a simple application for communicate the different devices, simulating a transfer data. This study was developed during the period of 2017, the main object of this project is understand and demonstrate the resources when developing different solutions with the devices. The experimental survey was the methodology selected for this project, be applied when using the main tools, and when creating solutions for operate the devices The IEEE Xplore base and the IEE Latinomerica, was used as main bases of study and selection for bibliographies, was detected poor information about this kind of application and solutions, in this way, this project may contribute for the knowledge base, and information for new projects when using the Internet of Things. The results were satisfactory, showing a simple way for develop solutions with the devices, otherwise the low price has contribute for use the devices, with the results of this project will be possible to create solutions for different kind of objectives as human health monitoring, distance control, and to monitoring of devices from a long distance.

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