The impact of innovation on achieving the competitive advantage in iraqi markets applied study (baghdad university) as a model

Saja Abdul Jabar Ebraheem

This study aimed at identifying the impact of innovation on achieving the Competitive Advantage. A questionnaire was used as an instrument of this descriptive study. Samples of 260 managers were randomly selected in top and medium levels of management. The T test, ANOVA, simple and multiple regressions were used to assess the hypotheses of the study.
The results of the study showed that there is a statistically significant impact at (a = 0.05) to the innovation dimensions (products, process, technology, and risk taking- personality) on the competitive advantage dimensions (resources, flexibility, quality, and speed on response), and that there is no statistically significant differences in the effect of the innovation on the competitive advantage that can be related to age, gender or marital status.
Depending upon these results, the study concludes a number of recommendations such as the importance of expanded research in such dimensions which reflected less affect than others.

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