Heterotopic gestation: ultrasonographic diagnosis with ectopic pregnancy not routed in the emergency department - case report

Andréia Farias Alquimim, Gustavo Mazon, Marina Silveira Rezende, Arthur Meneghin Domingos, Ana Cristina Macedo Carvalho, Bárbara Pessoa de Matos, Márcio Raimundo de Faria, Flávio Galvão Lima, Tais Folchito Maglioni, Renato do Amaral Mello Noguei

Heterotopic pregnancy is a rare entity, characterized by a topical pregnancy associated with an ectopic pregnancy, especially when it occurs spontaneously. The risk factors are similar to those seen in ectopic, with the highest incidence in women who undergo assisted reproduction techniques. The diagnosis is made with positive β-HCG and ultrasonographic examination, usually after an acute hemorrhagic abdomen due to the rupture of the ectopic pregnancy, with treatment differing in relation to the patient's clinical condition and the gestational age.

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