Hannah arendt and the criticism to modern education

Gerardo Miguel Nieves Loja

The central objective of this article is to show how modernity has provoked a crisis in education, considering that education is a political instrument to dominate those who do not know, giving priority to quantifiable and measurable results. This education moves away from the problems of the world, and futher more, it has made tradition and authority enter into crisis. This is the analysis of Hannah Arendt.
Faced with this situation of darkness in education, there is a need for a liberating education that is capable of rebuilding and recovering the treasures of lost tradition and authority. In this sense, educating means teaching to think independently and to be able to express oneself with their own speeches inherited from their ancestors.
To educate to be free, means to go beyond calculation and meritocracy and it is above all to awaken the common sense present in every citizen, through action and word based on reason. It is necessary to develop a critical spirit in front of the infallible dogmasthat even science tries to impose to the people, making of them machines that repeat slogans and clichés phrases, prepared by the specialists. The idea is to promote a plural education, open and linked to political reality.

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