Evolution and future of wireless communication technologies

R B Ram

Application of wired telephony shall be minimized/almost removed and, cordless telephony, Wireless Networking; WLAN/WPAN/ WiMAX/WWAN/WMAN, WCDMA, optical wireless communications - Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) (similar to Wi-Fi) and massive MIMO technologies shall be increased much to increase convenience and freedom of mobility in future. The 5G mobile networks will focus on the development of the user terminal where the terminals have to access to the different wireless technologies at the same time. Satellite network will be used from 6G mobile communication systems onwards. Data rate in 6G will be upto 10-11 Gbps. In 6G the cost of mobile call will be relatively high but in 7G this problem will be improved and the cost of call will be reduced and lower level user will benefit from it. 6G will integrate all wireless mobile networks with satellites to get more global coverage. 5G, 6G, 7G services will change lives of the masses. 7G and further wireless mobile networks will be complete wireless solution by uniting the four or more GPS systems available in space to get space roaming in addition to 6G and other wireless systems. Focus will be to enhance the quality of services, increase the bandwidth and to reduce the cost of the resource along with reduction of RF pollution/radiation-heat (future major threat to living organism) and power consumption. Also interface devices may be developed to integrate other intelligent species with human to achieve goals of networked information, wisdom and enlightenment for integrated global development.

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