Effect of vata-arka kshar sutra in the management of bhagandara

Ajai kumar., Ajay Kumar Gupta., Pankaj Kumar Sharma.,Tapish Maheshwari.,Vivek Bhatt and Richa Sharma

Bhagandara (Fistula in ano) is one of the most common and notorious disease among all anorectal disorders. It is a chronic purulent inflammatory condition usually affects perianal region, anal canal and rectum, initially manifested by an abscess followed by continuous or intermittent discharge of pus through the Fistulous tract and leads to an unhealed condition. Bhagandara is recurrent in nature which makes it more and more difficult for treatment. It produces pain and inconveniences in routine life. Improper care and negligence of the disease leads to further aggravation. Now days, management of Bhagandara with Kshar sutra has proved as big revolution, it gained popularity for its minimal invasive and complete cure of the disease. It is the need of time to do further researches to get more efficient kshar sutra. In the present research work Vata-Arka kshar sutra has been prepared for the management of Bhagandara.

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