Economics of bhendi - case study

Rajendran, T

The case study on Economics of Bhendi has been conducted during the period of September, 2016 at Krishnapuram village, Kadayanallur Taluk of Tirunelveli District from the farmer of Thiru. Shankar [Mobile No: 89733 77553] who has been very successfully cultivated the vegetable crop Bhendi [Popularliy known as Ladies finger] with more profitable manner. The farmer will invest Rupee one means that the profit of the farmer should get rupees three point six. Yes exactly, the bhendi farmer enjoyed with higher profit with remunerative price. Still there is a lot of scope for improve the productivity of bhendi, while concentrate more on marketing strategy like direct selling and value addition should give double the price of the produce. It is equally necessary to educate farmers in marketing of agricultural products so that they may derive necessary benefits of their activities. Without proper education, benefits cannot reach the farmers fully. This is more so in the present context with the availability of increased marketed surplus with producer-farmers.

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