Design and analysis of mechanical and thermal behaviour of shape memory alloy in engine’s intake and exhaust

Monoj N and Kaviyarasu P

Most of shape memory alloys are functional inter metallic’s. Recent developments within nearly 10 years on shape memory alloys and martensitic transformations, on which shape memory effect and super elasticity are based, were concisely reviewed. Since TiNi alloys are the best practical shape memory alloys, we mostly discussed on the alloys, but we discussed more general problems as well. This paper summarizes the design and analysis of Aircraft engine’s intake and blade, on which CATIA V5 is used for deign of solid model of these parts with the help of the Ansys software is used analysis of finite element model generated by meshing of these parts and thereby applying the boundary condition. This project specifies the effective use of the Ansys to analyse the complex engine geometries and apply boundary conditions to examine thermal and structural performance of the intake and exhaust for Nickel-Titanium Alloy. Finally stating the best suited material among the different alloys from the report generated after analysis. From this the results are stated and reported.

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