Dental students’ attitudes toward the use of advanced technology smartphone/tablet application (plandent®)in treatment planning and orthodontic assessment at riyadh colleges

Modimigh.A, AlMarshad.L, Alsekhan.H, Alaseeri.M, Albadr.K, Ansari.SH and AlShammery.D

The Present work is intended to evaluate the Dental students attitude toward the use a technology assisted method and how much it can aid the students during Treatment Planning and Orthodontic Assessment. Material and Methods: A customized smartphone/tablet application (PlanDent®) was designed and developed solely for the purpose of the study, included the basic Orthodontic Assessment and Comprehensive Treatment Planning forms, other features facilitating the storage of patients diagnostic aids, Students were asked to install the application and use it for their clinical cases, the target sample were the 5th and 6th year dental students in Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia After that, An online survey was performed using Google Drive to evaluate their attitude toward this software. Results: Subjective evaluation of Comprehensive Treatment Planning skills among students in various levels ranged from excellent to good. On the other hand, the Orthodontic Assessment skills ranged from good to acceptable, 68.9% and 64.8% agreed that the application was helpful in conducting a Comprehensive Treatment Plan and an Orthodontic Assessment respectively, 83% found that the application would be helpful in having a personal database to store patient’s records. Conclusion: The application has a positive effect in conducting a Treatment Plan and an Orthodontic Assessment. However, more investigations are needed to measure its effectiveness on the improvement of skills.

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