Creativitys contribution to business performance in kenya. A case study of business in nyeri county in kenya Machira J. Mwangi

Machira J. Mwangi

Creativity is secret to business survival; it is the origin of creating a competitive advantage for any business. The purpose of this study was to analyze the role played by creativity in business performance in Kenya. The study is guided by three questions i.e. what motivates business to become creative, does creativity adds value to businesses and if so does it leads to better performance of the businesses? The research took a descriptive research design being a case study of businesses in Nyeri county Kenya. The study targeted SMEs in Nyeri which have more than three years in operations. These were 271 in number .this was taken to be the target population .convenient sampling by Alan Bouchard was used to get the sample size of  54 firms being business owners or managers .a pretest was done to confirm the reliability and validity of the data to be collected  using similar questionnaire and interview schedule. The collected data was analyzed using SPSS package. The study revealed that there is a positive relation between   creativity and business performance. The study revealed that creativity is not a choice of businesses but a must if a firm had to stay in business. This is the best way of creating a competitive advantage over business rivals and keeps competition at bay, thus retaining the market share and improves on the business performance. The study recommends there to be a department in charge of creativity and innovation in every organization to be assured of survival in business

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