Comparison on level of depression between elderly residing at old age home and with families of selected community, 2005-2007

Jeayareka J

Healthy aging requires sound mental health and aging related developmental adjustment with the changing demands of the life. the study was conducted with the view to assess and compare the level of depression of the elderly residing with the family and old age home using descriptive design and non-probability sampling (n=50) among elderly aged between 60-85 years. Depression rating scale was used to measure the level of depression. The major findings of this study reveals the elderly residing at old age home had higher level moderate level of stress (20%) than elderly residing with home (8%). Depression is a integral part of aging in India ,due to multiple co-morbidity in aging, lack of social support ignorant about the self engaging strategies etc..Multidisciplinary approach and care is essential in our Indian communities for the care and support of elderly with more of self engaging strategies of the elderly.

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