Comparative study upon the qualitative and quantitative analysis of metal ions of various water samples of doon valley

Amin Mir M, Bilal Ahmed Mir, Mir Saima and Ashish Gupta

Water is the basic requirement for the continuity of life upon this planet. The concerned study upon the metal analysis and the physicochemical parameters were taken into consideration. The water samples so for collected from various places of Dehradun are being consumed on large scale. The water samples so far collected showed different types of metal content concentrations. The results are being shown in the below given tables. Among the three sites the water of NAGAL NALA seems to be more portable for consumption because the metal contents are within the range of acceptability. Also the water collected from the SONG RIVER was found to be more suitable than the SAHASTDHARA RIVER, as per their metal content and the physicochemical properties concerned.

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