Cleft lip and palate-an overview on its complex etiopathogenesis

Bijo Alexander., Rajeev R and Subu Ramesh

Cleft lip and or palate (CLP) are birth defects affecting the lip and palate caused by both genetic and environmental factors. CLP can occur as part of a broad range of Mendelian,chromosomal and teratogenic syndromes. The CLP can occur in various forms ranging from a simple bifid uvula or isolated clefts of lip to extensive defects involving bilateral clefts of lip, palate and alveolar mucosaThe ethnic and sex differences support the genetic etiology of these disorders. A combination of epidemiologic, phenotypic and genome wide association studies and animal models have helped to extrapolate several genes involved in CLP.The genetic background will help a long way in providing patients’ genetic counseling and developing future preventive measures.

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