An analytical study of the tribal art of odisha: a case study of saura paintings

Chandrasekhar Sethi and Ranjan Kumar Mallik

The Saura are one of the most ancient tribes of India Frequently reference to the tribe we found in Hindu mythology and classics more often they find mention in the sanskret literature, the epics, the puranas and other religious texts. They are called by various names such as savara, sora etc. They were widely found all over Central India Comprising Bihar, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Mandhya Pradesh, Maharastra and West Bengal.

The Saura is also an oldest major tribe of Odisha, They are found allover the state but are largely concentrated the high land of Gajapati District and Gunupur Subdivision of Rayagada District farming a contiguous territory. They are so unique among 62 different communities of tribal of Odisha.

The Sauras are very artistic people, their artistic skill we not only revealed their wall painting but also in their dance and music. They irrespective of sex cultivate the art of dancing and singing as a matter of natural habit.
Numerically the Saora Constitute one of the major scheduled tribe of Odisha They are found in mountainous territory forming a major part of the agency tracts of the Eastern Ghats in Rayagada and Gajapati Districts in southern Odisha, which can be called the Saura Country’.

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